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  Equine Health Information

Deworming Schedule:
  Severely malnourished or infested horses require special care and should see a veterinarian to receive a custom deworming program designed to kill the parasites off slowly. If a horse has a large number of worms, killing them all off at once can lead to colic or death.
  We believe fecal exams are the most important part of your deworming program. Parasites continue to develop resistance to our deworming medications. Horses on regular worming schedules can sometimes be heavily infested due to parasites being resistant to the medication used. These infections can be identified through fecal exams and treated with specially designed deworming programs.
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Vaccination Schedule:
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Why Do I Need to Coggins Test My Horse?


   Important Winter Health News:

1. Remember that for a horse with an average coat, an extra 2 lbs of hay is needed for every 10 degree drop in temperature below 50 degrees. The extra food keeps them warm! Rain and wind can increase that, so hay needs can as much as double during winter months

2. Some horses, especially older ones may need grain or additional fat to supply extra calories and nutrition.

3. Remember to take off those blankets and check your horse--weight changes can be hidden by winter blankets and not recognized until major changes have taken place.

4. Water is crucial to good digestion and avoiding colic. Horses need fresh , unfrozen water all the time and will drink best if the water temp is between 40 and 60 degrees F.

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