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Client Testimonials

Dr. Bickel treated my gelding after discovering a hind meniscus injury. He was in training, and I live in Colorado. This added another level of concern, as I was unable to be present during his treatment and recovery. However, Dr. Bickel was fantastic not only in her knowledge of the injury, but also through the great communication she provided me. She took the time to explain treatment options, prognosis, and was accessible to answer all my questions. I am thankful for the wonderful care my horse received under Dr. Bickel, and am thrilled to have a very happy and sound horse back at home!



I first met Dr. Bickel & Katie in August 2010 when Jessie needed an ultrasound of his left stifle, he had torn the lateral meniscus. With Dr. Bickel’s veterinary practice being completely mobile, she was the perfect choice. I did not want to put Jessie back in a trailer & haul-in for follow-up care. We proceeded with Shockwave Therapy treatments and ultrasounds.

Once the meniscus was healed, rear end lameness was still evident. Dr. Bickel did x-rays and we discovered that Jessie had lesions on both hocks and would require surgery. I was quite hesitant to do surgery. Dr. Bickel answered various questions and provided me with information, so I could make the best decision for Jessie’s future show career. We decided to do a procedure called Cunean Tenectomy, also known as Jack Cord Surgery. With daily bandage changes, hand walking, massages and various rehab, Jessie is now back to work. Jessie is so happy and it really shows in how well he is feeling!

Jessie is a very special horse and I am very particular when it comes to his veterinary care. He deserves the best!

I can’t thank Dr. Bickel and Katie enough for all the time/care/support they have provided for me and Jessie. I am very impressed with the honest, compassionate care they have provided for Jessie! I highly recommend Whole Horse Veterinary Services for any of your horses needs. They make sure that the horse is always safe and comfortable, never getting upset at the animal for not understanding a procedure that they may be trying to work on. They are both very patient / kind and have the utmost concern for the animal’s well-being.

In my opinion, you will not find a veterinarian/assistant with more compassion & commitment to the well being of your animal than Dr. Bickel & Katie.

- Su Schmerheim


  "This filly at only days old was knucked over off her rear end where as she could not nurse or stand unassisted. Within days of her initial treatment she was making progress with rear toe extensions and wraps for support. After a week she is running around the stall unassisted and just fine. Her future success is owed to Whole Horse, Denise & Katie made her future bright."

Debbie LaMay, JDS stables, breeder and trainer of champion Morgan horses


  "Thank you for your "doctoring" because of your quick attention, Ladybug's leg healed nicely. Tori and Ladybug were able to go to the State Championships and compete with their team and are now State Champions!"


  I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you have done for us! Thanks to you Gucci is on her way to recovery. I don't know what I would have done without you.

Thank you so much, Melissa



  In June of 2008, my quarter horse gelding came down with Potomac fever. He was extremely sick, and we thought we would lose him. Dr. Bickel treated him with IV fluids, and many other medications, that I couldn’t begin to list. He did come through the fever, but through the next month he ended up with many complications. Thanks to the diligent care of Dr. Bickel he survived them all. However, as a result of the fever, he ended up with severe laminitis. Unfortunately, he ended up with a high degree of rotation in both of his coffin bones.
 Over the next several months, Dr. Bickel worked very closely with me to improve my gelding’s mobility. She took several sets of x-rays. Using the x-rays and natural hoof trimming techniques, we were able to get his coffin bones back to a normal position. He is not yet sound, but continues to improve. We are keeping our hopes up for a full recovery. In my opinion, most other vets would not have given so much of their time and/or resources. Dr. Bickel has a passion for helping horses, and it shines through. I can’t thank Dr. Bickel enough for all of the help she has given to me over the past several months.

Kim Powers
Stockbridge, MI


I had an Aussie saddle for sale and these nice ladies came to my house. I mentioned to her I was in need of a new Coggins as well as a Health certificate as I am hauling my horse to Florida. She went right over to my barn 2 miles down the road. She was so patient with my moody mare...She had her tongue in her hand as I had some concerns about whether my horse needed to be floated or not, My 16hh horse carried on.. the vet and her assistant didn't even flinch - a real pro!
 I was very impressed and the prices are VERY GOOD. They are very knowledgeable and have some amazing equipment with them. If you want a great deal and top notch care for your horse call these people they are GREAT!

Kimberly Hillary, Ann Arbor, MI


 Last summer our stallion Tardy Wind had a very serious leg infection and his entire leg was huge andTardyTardy swollen, we almost lost him. It was a hard long struggle, but thanks very much to Dr. Bickel, Tardy pulled through! Although Tardy does still have a swollen leg-due to circulatory issues that are untreatable, but the infection is gone and Tardy is back to his old self and doing great!  I want to thank Dr Bickel for caring so much about his care and for using all her resources possible for treatment. He's a special guy and we would have been devastated to loose him.Poco
I also want to mention she treated a mare of mine, Poco, recently with a leg wound. Poco was not too happy about her leg being treated. But Dr Bickel gave us some medicine that made it very easy to treat her, in spite of the mare's protests and her leg healed up great. 
I want to recommend Dr Bickel to anyone, she truly cares about animals and will answer any of your questions.

Karla Richmond
Munith, MI


Sara on Patrol Sara is a 10 year old foundation Percheron mare, and works as a police horse with theJake Jackson County Sheriff's Mounted Patrol, partnered by her owner, Deputy John Fatchett. Jake is a 5 year old paint/quarterhorse gelding who is a budding trail horse with his owner Tonya Fatchett. Sara and Jake have always experienced outstanding care from Dr. Bickel, and are happy and healthy as ever due to her quick and experienced urgent care, compiled with her well-horse checkups and preventive treatment. Compassion with technical excellence - we couldn't ask for more!

John and Tonya Fatchett



My lovely TB/Dutch Warmblood mare gave me a beautiful colt in 2002 who is now a dressage horse in England. I would dearly love to get a filly from her to carry on my little breeding program. However, Pearl has a bad uterine biopsy score which will make carrying a foal difficult. Dr. Bickel has been willing to try some "last ditch effort" treatments to improve Pearl's uterine environment so that she might be able to carry another foal. Dr.Pearl Bickel made no promises, but I'm very glad to find a veterinarian who is willing to work with me. Everyone else advised me to give up on this mare---which I may have to do; but at least I'll know that everything possible was tried.

Thank you, Dr. Bickel, for your efforts.

Agnes Soderbeck
Jackson, MI






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